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MJ Morning Show 1996-2012

WFLZ Tampa Bay, KSLZ St. Louis 

I was co- host on the MJ Morning Show. I was involved in all aspects of daily show preparation and execution. MJMS was a trailblazing entertainment driven radio show that revolved around the lives of the crew, the relationships between the crew members, pop culture and news of the day. Through our numerous platforms we engaged our listeners daily, developing into one of the strongest brands of any radio program in the history of Tampa Bay. 


ON THE GRILL RADIO- Creator and Host
2004- 2011 WFLA-AM Tampa Bay. WMMB-AM Melbourne, FL, XM152  

OTGR was a two hour weekly program that aired Saturday afternoons. It was a lighthearted, high energy, entertainment show that focused on barbecuing and backyard grilling. Each week we invited listeners to learn new recipes and new techniques while we fed them humor and entertainment after a busy work week. Over the course of the show I have several affiliates and we were also aired on XM.  We had a weekly grilling segment on WFTS-ABC. The show was also featured on The Weather Channel, Tampa Tribune and the Tampa Bay Times. 


TAMPA TRIBUNE- Featured Contributor

I wrote a weekly column for the “Flavor” section of the Tampa Tribune. It was titled "On the Grill".  Each week would give the readers new recipes and advice that they could use on the grill. The articles were among the newspapers most popular features.


2012- 2014

I am the owner of a media buying and advertising consultant company.  I have helped clients navigate the media buying process and securing the best value for their advertising dollars across various mediums.



I am currently a top producing salesman for General RV Center.  The Nation's Largest Family Owned RV Dealer.  It is amazing the similarities between a sales gig and a morning show.  Each day, albeit in an effort to sell a motorhome, I conduct broadcast quality qualifying interviews with my customers. I then give them a personal show that, if broadcasted, would be an absolute winner.

Amongst my fellow salesman, I am a leader over a crew of other salesmen.  Our Morning Group meetings might as well be a radio show.

And I sell the heck out of the RV's.



Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

REFERENCES that will knock your socks off, UPON REQUEST.

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